Wednesday, September 25, 2013

lying big (and nobody is marching)

senator roark (powers boothe) [frank miller's sin city; TT8 CH20]: ...

"power don't come from a badge or a gun ... power comes from lying ... lying big and getting the whole damn world to play along with you ... once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true ... you got'em by the balls."
e: ... 911 was an inside job and everybody is afraid to say it.
e: ... last saturday [sep 21, 2013] i asked U.S. Representative Steve Pearce: how close are we to that comment getting me arrested for sedition by the department of homeland security? ... he said, the system won't attack the freedom of speech because that would get people marching in the streets ... he said, the system will come after you through the insurance industry and obama care ... i asked, are people about to be carded for their health insurance in order to purchase alcohol and tobacco? ... he said, no, because that would get people marching in the streets ... he said, instead, doctors and dentists who perform services for uninsured clients will be arrested and then put out of business ... i asked, have they arrested any doctors or dentists yet? ... he said, not yet ... he said, it's your-all's fault for what is coming ... [all the terrible, fascist, police state things] ... because nobody is marching in the streets.

e: ... of course, the misled masses are NOT to blame ... but rather, the lying politicians, media, and lawyers.
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