Sunday, August 19, 2012

careful with the hands

a while back my horoscope warned me to be careful with my hands ... last weekend i passed on
a job ... a buddy of mine ended up doing that part of the job that i would have performed ... and sure enough, he injured his hand ...

it was calf branding ... when branding, a rider will chase a calf, then rope it's back two
legs and drag the animal over to the branding station ... where another guy grabs it's front
left leg at the "wrist" with both hands while kneeling on the calf's neck with his right
knee and then he leans back for leverage ... bend your arm like a "Z" and grab your wrist
with the other hand and you'll see what i mean

well, the rope was only around one back leg ... i am sure there is a term for that, so the
rider was trying somehow to get the rope around both legs, and he managed to release both
back legs, so the damn critter is now kicking with both back legs ... and the calf managed to
beat the shit out of my buddy's hand

i don't know how long it took before he released the front leg ... all i know is that he took
my place

lucky me

i had a bad feeling about that job ... i won't go into details, but it seemed to be a spur of
the moment idea in a hurry to be completed ... and that sounded strange