Saturday, August 25, 2012

water equals life

i have come to learn that water is the most precious resource ... just ask the animals ...
i saw a sparrow, dove, hummingbird, and sparrow hawk all sitting in the same tree in the
backyard of the ranch house this morning ... and there was a cat walking underneath it too
... water = trees ... water = animals ... water = life

i have lived in a town where nobody could drink the ground water because the ph was too
high ... so everybody purchased bottled water from walmart ... i always had a 24 pack in
the trunk of my car ... it is an interesting sight to see, every cart with a case of water
... like some disaster just occurred

i have known people who bathed in a five gallon bucket ... you stand in the bucket of
water...bathe...then step out of the bucket and pour it over your head to rinse

i have seen how the ranchers count every tenth of an inch of rain ... mark it on the
calendar ... and pray for the grass to grow

i am aware of the energy it takes to heat water and to cook food ... and i can take a
whore's bath faster than you can take a shower ... like george carlin said ... face,
armpits, crotch, asshole

water ... and sunlight

it is not the dollar that makes the world go round ... the world will still survive without
the u.s. dollar ... but try removing water or sunlight from your environment and see what
happens ...

what if the water stopped flowing from the tap? i noticed that even on this ranch with its
private well ... 35 miles past the end of the trail ... when the electricity goes out ...
the pump goes out .. and even here, the water stops flowing