Thursday, September 27, 2012

hamburger with salt on dry toast

my two favorite choices for dinner and losing weight are:

1. one 1/3 lb fried or grilled hamburger with salt on dry toast
2. one can of chunky soup with four pieces of dry toast

both choices have low gas/electricity cost for meal preparation, and big hunger satisfaction for low caloric value ... it seems that condiments have always only been there to encourage faster eating and over eating (just like high fructose corn syrup makes you thirstier) ... try a "dry burger" and see if you don't find it juicier and more satisfying than one like you used to eat 'em ...

i ate one of those two choices for dinner, had corn flakes with whole milk for breakfast, and drank ice water, and lost 60 lbs in 8 months ... yes, i was moving furniture at that time, but i really believe that this meal regimen helped as well ... there is no thinking involved, it is easy to stick too, you eat the same thing, all the time, and the portions are controlled for you ... that is the key part ... in much of the world, that would still be living like a king.

if the cows-to-truck ratio falls from 142:1 to 10:1 as mentioned in a previous posting, then that dry burger at home will still cost you $25-$30 ... that might be affordable for some on a friday night, beer drinking, radio jamming, upper-middle class kind of way, but will be devastating for just about everybody else.

be ready and able to run when you have to.

i lost 60, re-gained 20, and aim to lose those 20 again this winter...i will keep you informed.