Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pack and bag

last weekend i purchased a Teton Elk Hunter -35F sleeping rocks...and a hiker's
backpack...the Kelty Redcloud 90 which features the CloudLock 2 adjustable suspension ...
hahhahah....i never even thought about backpacks and bags before this past summer...i did
one tour with the forest service fighting wildland fires and know that you gotta have that
waistbelt and back would die without it....

i've been sleeping in the bag every night since i got it...figured, i now don't need to
worry about finding enough blankets...half tempted to pack my new backpack, and everything
that doesn't fit throwing out...i hate having more stuff than i can move by myself in one trip...

t-shirts and jeans from a vending machine...then what would we need? just barracks and a
smartphone?...that would be ideal, i just don't want big brother

i spent five or six weeks out here at the ranch last winter...but last winter was very gut said so then, and i saw a meteorologist explaining why a couple of days

the year before last, 2 years ago, it registered -34F and was colder than anchorage alaska
that day...

i should probably still get some insulated boots...when i purchased the pack and bag, [the
rancher] thought i should get boots before the pack...i chose the pack first because i do
still have some nice redwings i used with the forest service...figured, i could
double/triple sock it ... but they might not be exactly water proof for snow...hmmm