Wednesday, September 19, 2012

starring cats

back in august i found some cats down in the basement...after i cleaned the basement, they
moved upstairs to the shop...i have not yet cleaned the they are "hiding out" there...

but i did clean the freezer room...which i have a direct view of from the kitchen window ...
it goes:, whenever i am standing at the kitchen sink i can
see through the shop to the freezer room...and to all the activities going on there...

you see, now that it is clean, there is space to play, bounce, frolic, and do what kittens
do...and i placed a cat bed in direct eye shot of the window (what i really need to do is
to put up streaming video from a webcam or something) is quite entertaining ... there
are four kittens and one mama cat...they are mostly feral, with a cat bed ... caught
between two of crunchies, fresh water and a litter box...the other, self-
sufficiency... hunt, kill, eat...reality...

yesterday i saw mama cat carrying a large grasshopper in her mouth outside...she took it
inside to the kittens...the four of them were playing in the cat bed...when she gave them
the grasshopper, three of them went into action, became killers, eating it...but one just
stretched out in the bed...looked lazily over at the others...couldn't care less ...hahhahaha gotta think that mama cat thinks i've corrupted her child ... hahahha