Thursday, October 25, 2012

living in opposite world

everything is a con ...
everything is gmo unless you buy organic ...
everything is double unless you opt out ...
everything is less than you hoped, thought, expected, were led to believe.

it's the lenses which cost extra.
it's the box spring which costs extra.
it's the shrinking size.

it's the fake, less than 100%, imitation, plastic, everything.
it's the off-white footnotes at the bottom of the ad.
it's the double meaning, double speaking, improper urban vernacular and yet defensible lawyer speak.

it's everything ...
that which i repudiate.

I heard David Gregory a couple of weeks ago on Meet the Press use the present tense to describe a past event; and then describe the current situation using the past tense.

i have my eyes on all of you ... i will wait you out ... all of you.
i see you ... even if you successfully hide it from everybody else ... i see you.
this lie, these secrets, our fall into fascism.
the art of success ... where everything is a lie.
chief's overtime.