Tuesday, October 16, 2012

party colors at presidential debate

obama is wearing red, romney is wearing blue ... is today the day the parties switch back? ... because both candidates didn't get it wrong ... they both knew which color tie the other guy was wearing tonight (second 2012 presidential debate).

hahahaha ... it's the matrix ... a deja vue type glitch ...

Party colors at first 2012 presidential debate
republicans RED                   democrats blue

Party colors switch at second 2012 presidential debate
republicans blue                 democrats RED

instead, the talk is all about the fingers ... (the manufactured theme)

Party colors switch back at third 2012 presidential debate
republicans RED              democrats blue

remember ... historically, republicans are blue tending towards fascism ... while democrats are red tending towards communism ...

the reason it is not that way today is because the us has been living in opposite world since 2000.