Saturday, October 27, 2012

unknown excrement

found some unknown excrement outside, 5 ft from the house ... inside the fence ... maybe a coyote ... i did hear a coyote call last night at about 3 am ... looks like it has fur in it ... however ... then i noticed that the side gate was open ... it has a chain, and a post that slides into a ring ... it was open, and a wooden post that had been leaning against the top of the open gate was thrown outward to the ground ... hmmm ... not sure a cow or the wind could do that ... somebody might have been snooping around ... possibly last night ... i found a couple wipe marks on a back window like a hat brim accidentally hit the window and brushed the dust off ... and if i wanted to sneak up on this house it would be from the back road where that gate is ... hmmm, we'll see ... i have multiple loaded firearms surrounding me when i am at the computer ... so no big deal ... but i might just chamber a round in one or two of them in the evening hours when i can't hear what's going on because i have dylan too loud ... hahhahahah...

[the rancher's wife] brought it to my attention the other day ... that i am three miles off the nearest highway, in the middle of nowhere, in a house that is not visible from the street, and miles from the nearest neighbor ... if somebody knocks at the door at night, especially if i didn't see lights drive up, i will take precautions.

i remember a period of time in my life years ago ... i was living in a shady motel for a couple of months with my first cat while my living arrangement and job unravelled ... it was in the middle of the night (also about 3 am), when somebody knocked at the door ... i don't know what i was thinking ... but before i did think i had opened the door ... and was asked if i was [me] by a middle aged white guy ... i said yes, and was promptly served.

i will not do that again ... it might not be papers next time.