Thursday, November 8, 2012

biden's notes

today (8nov12) on inside edition they discussed brittney spears and her role as a judge on some singing show ... the hosts were asking whether or not she had an earpiece and was being told what to say ...

funny thing is ... [my brother] thought he could see an earpiece on both obama and romney during the third debate ... and remember biden's notes? ... (oct 11, 2012; vice presidential debate) ... was he actually taking notes from somebody in his ear?

and [my mom] thought she could see something in obama's ears during the dnc ... some strange bumps on the ears.

does everybody now have an earpiece and a handler?

links my brother sent:

Third presidential debate (Part 3): America's role
strange bumps left ear

Obama's ear piece in the 3rd debate and his head scar ( = brain surgery?)