Tuesday, November 6, 2012


a couple of weeks ago [the rancher] went elk hunting with one of his stepsons ... sounds like they had a really good time ... lots of bonding stuff ... but no elk.

then this past weekend [the rancher] was headed out here, to the ranch, for his nearby deer hunt ... and on the way he runs into two elk ... literally ... may have totaled his truck ... was able to limp it back to his other residence with two elk in the bed, but it died there.

[the rancher] kept the larger of the elk, and gave the other away ... the one that i helped him dress and quarter took us all day ... then we brought it out to the ranch the following morning ... it was probably a 600 lb cow (female) and yielded 150 lb of meat ... we ate the neck last night ... [rancher's wife] cooked it in a an electric roaster of some sort ... it was damn good.

the only store nearby (about 10 miles) has elk jerky for sale... it is $8.25 for 1.825 oz ... or $4.52/oz.

it was the first time i have ever helped dress any animal ... the skinning takes quite a while ... the gutting, less ... but it was the weight of the animal, as with everything on a ranch, that was the persistent issue.