Tuesday, November 13, 2012

wpa-solar nm

need a future? ... have too much debt? ... want a new start? ... join the fight for all our futures ... sign up today ... your 4 year commitment will earn you an [X] kw solar array and eliminate ALL of your debt. guaranteed. no chipping either.

credit cards, gone.
student loans, gone.
auto loans, gone.
home mortgage, gone.
payday loans, gone.
delinquent taxes, gone.

also gone: all personal possessions (car, home, clothes, etc.)

we will train you, clothe you, shelter you, insure you, feed you.
you will learn and labor.
no pay for 4 years.

... but at the end you will be well positioned for the future we build today ... and you will have earned the fresh start you crave.

we are seeking 250,000 enlistees to join wpa-solar nm ... oceans of solar in new mexico, baby!

that's the future i see.