Saturday, December 1, 2012

animal control - no valid id (chip)

animal control patrol ( hd nbc)
seaaca (southeast area animal control authority; south east los angeles)

[animal control officer]
young girl cop ... badge, belt, uniform

scans animal for id chip
"to protect and serve for the animals"

law enforcement
"proof of current vet care or citation"
seaaca (southeast area animal control authority)

"... to improve the service level rendered by private and public animal welfare agencies."

"•Enforcement of city and state laws pertaining to the proper care and treatment of animals."

Is seaaca a public-private partnership? It sure looks like it.
santa fe county animal control

having a valid pet license …
… will reduce fines if your pet is picked up.

license fees:
altered animal - $8 per year
un-altered animal - $100 per year
1."to protect and serve for the animals" [animal control officer (ppp?) ]
2. no license on record for animal (state)
3. [informant program (partnership)] to report any animal violations please call ...
4. warrantless entry (violation of fourth amendment)
5. scans animal for id chip
  • valid id (chip) -    proof of license (taxes paid)
  • no valid id (chip) - no proof of license - citation
a growth industry ...
another ppp?

american fascism.
privatizing your enslavement.
one database at a time.