Monday, December 10, 2012

first cold night 2012 and papa cat

last night was the first cold night ... 3 F ... though you wouldn't know it inside ... yeah baby ... it took a little bit of chopping this morning (with the ax) on the drinking tank.

i am a little concerned about papa cat ... he is an orange tabby that lives out by the corral in one of the side houses ... i have been putting out crunchies in a bowl on the picnic table ... and he has fattened right up ... but otherwise he stays to himself and runs when he sees me.

last winter i stayed out here for a month or so ... during that time papa cat and mama cat were sleeping together in one cat bed in the freezer room ... the same room where mama cat and the kittens now stay ... however, papa cat has been banished or something, because he is never around.

mama cat and the four kittens went out to play at dusk again today ... it really is amazing how they stay together when they go outside ... they have a really tight family.

i wonder if papa cat will be allowed in the house when it gets below 0 F? ... i wonder if mama cat will allow it? ... i don't have a problem with it ... i might even feel better about it.

[the neighbor/relation bro] said that it is normally much colder, much earlier in the year ... he said that this was a late start ... but that it should just get colder from here on.

well, if so ... so be it ... the delay worked perfectly for me.