Friday, December 7, 2012

animal control (part 2)

Bernalillo County makes changes to animal law

"County residents no longer can keep their dogs on a "cable trolley" and must get a
microchip implant for their dogs and cats."

"Matt Pepper of the Bernalillo County Animal Care Services says animal control officers
actively will be enforcing the ordinance."
Think about that:

Actively enforcing an ordinance which mandates microchiping for all dogs and cats.

Knock knock ... i am with animal control and i am here to scan your animal ... no valid id means citation.

(knock knock ... who's there ... animal control ... animal control who? ... animal control your ass if you don't show me some id ... for the dog and the cat ... )
animal control - no valid id (chip)

1."to protect and serve for the animals" [animal control officer (ppp?) ]
2. no license on record for animal (state)
3. [informant program (partnership)] to report any animal violations please call ...
4. warrantless entry (violation of fourth amendment)
5. scans animal for id chip
  •  valid id (chip) -    proof of license (taxes paid)
  •  no valid id (chip) - no proof of license - citation
a growth industry ...
another ppp?

american fascism.
privatizing your enslavement.
one database at a time.