Saturday, December 22, 2012

with a horoscope like that

with a horoscope like that ... i won't be doing anything risky today or tomorrow ...

horoscope for next week:

The legal system has a role in your day on Monday, though most likely it's not like something out of a cop drama. You may just need to deal with City Hall, which is considerably easier to handle. Throw around big ideas in the middle of the week, especially around the workplace but anywhere you get to interact with peers. Once you've got a good-sized list of options, use your time on Thursday and Friday to really think each one through and come up with the best one. You should know you've made the right choice by the end of the weekend, and should be quite happy as a result.

we'll see about the rest of it.

... or monday! ... i won't be doing anything risky today, tomorrow, or monday ...

whew ... they almost got me.