Saturday, December 8, 2012

another shopping disappointment

wednesday i went to [the big city] with [the neighbor/relation to the rancher] ... he and the family raise prize winning long-horn cattle and cut wood to heat their house ... he had his allergies tested ... they told him he is allergic to trees and beef ...  he told them to [expletive] off ... hahah

i returned that hiking backpack i got a couple of months ago ... once i started looking at it to describe on the blog i realized that it had a false bottom in it ... it couldn't support any weight (though i bought it for the end of the world and said so then) ... so i got a pair of sorel winter snow boots instead ... maybe just in time for winter too ... i see that tomorrow morning it is supposed to be 3F.

i also purchased a liner for my elk hunter sleeping bag ... the bag itself is very warm and it will meet my needs at the ranch ... but it is probably too bulky to pack ... the liner is supposed to keep your bag clean by enabling you to wash just the liner ... however ... once again, i was disappointed ... the liner does not zip to the bag like a liner to a jacket would ... it is just another bag to put inside the sleeping bag ... and it does not have a slit on the side so you are more restricted than just the sleeping bag itself ... of course, you were not able to see these details until after the purchase and you opened the packaging ... i doubt i will ever use this liner ... though i will probably not take it back ... lesson learned ... i will stop buying anything that i do not fully investigate first ... everything is a con ... believe it.