Saturday, December 22, 2012

engine of the world

i am seeing economic regions as circles with spokes ... maybe there are three of them, maybe many more ... now take one circle and stretch it to form a line ... on that line is ranked every country (the spokes) within that economic region ... on this particular line the countries are ranked from least freedom to most freedom ... from left to right... least freedom to most freedom ... ok, now imagine all the circles being lists of countries ... now all those circles with all those spokes really are spirals and where they touch each other, they roll ... and that is the motion of history ... as one country moves left or right within a list, within a region ... and where a region perhaps spirals down, or another spirals up ...

i think it may be possible to create that map of ... what, the engine of the world? which direction is your spiral spinning? where is your country within the list? what defines the region? a currency? an army?

can large regions shatter into many smaller regions? ... like when currency collapse occurs.

i imagine so.