Tuesday, May 21, 2013

if the law doesn't fit, play dumb

e: ... according to a new mexico judge, textbooks are not part of education ...
[ap story]
NM judge poised to uphold law on private schools
may 21, 2013

District Judge Sarah Singleton concluded a hearing Monday by saying nothing in the New Mexico Constitution bars the state from paying for private schools' instructional materials.

The lawsuit cites a constitutional provision that bars public funding for private education, but [District Judge]  Singleton said the provision doesn't specifically include a ban on providing textbooks. [nor does it specifically mention students, desks, buildings, faculty, or staff]

e: ... if the law doesn't fit, play dumb ... ppps are here ... we'll change the law asap ...

... the truth is the opposite of everything they tell you ... (even judges and ap story titles) ...

... and that is how the cow ate the cabbage.
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