Wednesday, May 15, 2013

pt2 beer 3pk/ cig 10pk

e: ... on track for beer 3 pk and cig 10 pks ... the cover story/cover reality will be lower legal BAC levels ... not ... everybody getting poorer (the real reason) ...
[local story] [added may 15, 2013]
NTSB wants to lower legal BAC levels
may 14, 2013

The agency [national transportation safety board] would like to see the national standard [legal Blood Alcohol Content level] .08 brought down to .05.

"If we are able to determine that an individual is truly intoxicated and that they are impaired due to their consumption of alcohol or drugs, it doesn't matter the amount of alcohol or drugs in their system." [Rio Rancho Police Seargant Nichlaus Onkyn says] [everything is at our discretion]
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prediction: the three pack (beer)
mar 14, 2013

e: ...

prediction: the three pack (beer) ... because anything more and you should be drunk ... and that is illegal ... [expletive, expletives] ... (looks like they are already available in nashville, tennessee).

... and the 10 pack for cigs ... i saw those in europe in the 90s ... are those here yet?

... everybody is getting poorer ... sizes are shrinking, quantities are shrinking, quality is decreasing, prices are increasing.
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