Friday, May 31, 2013

pt5 NM Livestock Board (try again)

e: ... it was the rancher who decided to sell the cattle now rather than wait for June 13 ... how long before the state tries again? ...
Judge: Starving NM herd can be sold to Texas buyer
may 31, 2013

... District Judge Albert Mitchell agreed to allow Double V Ranch owner Richard Evans to sell the herd to a buyer in Pampa, Texas.

At a hearing Thursday, Mitchell approved a plan, proposed by Evans, to sell the entire herd, Rose said.
New Mexico herd of emaciated cattle sold to Texas ranch
may 31, 2013

According to the Albuquerque Journal, a Texas ranch owner has received approval from a judge to purchase all of the cattle on the Double V Ranch.

The previous owner, Richard Evans, is required to reimburse the Livestock Board for all costs involved in feeding and transporting the cattle. The Livestock Board can petition the court to recoup costs, Evans will receive the remaining balance.
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pt3 NM Livestock Board (state ranching)
may 30, 2013

e: ... prediction:

... the state has seized the rancher's cows ... the state will demand payment from the rancher for feeding and caring for his cows ... the rancher will say that he cannot pay for the feed and fine until after he sells the cows ... and that is what will happen ...

... the cows will be sold, the fine will be paid ... the state is now in the business of ranching.

... think about that ... the state will force the rancher to sell ... and the more sales, the more money for the state.

... the state is coming for livestock and water and ranches and you ... american fascism is here.
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