Thursday, July 18, 2013

pt11 Magdalena (audit issues delay repairs)

e: ... the media and village waited one month to confess that audit issues are delaying repairs ...

... the media are there to hide the truth ...
[local story]
Mag water woes not new
jul 18, 2013

... some audit issues that developed several years ago.
... they were four years behind.

An application for funding to drill a new well had been submitted for a Community Development Block Grant, but it was denied due to the lack of a current audit.

The first phase of this completion [repairs] is expected to happen by the end of July. Additional infrastructure build-out will occur this fall ...
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pt1 could Magdalena face Mandatory Evacuation?
jun 14, 2013

e: ... could Magdalena face a Mandatory Evacuation? ... under what conditions? ... the name "FEMA" has already been mentioned ... the word "troops" has also been mentioned ...

... it will take months to do the never completed annual audits before any grant money can be requested ... months before any drilling can be done ... months ...
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media non-responders (the challenge)
feb 6, 2013

e: ...if you [media] are not there to report the truth, then you [media] are there to hide it.
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