Tuesday, July 9, 2013

water authority ticket writers (ppp)

e: ... forecast: albuquerque water authority will soon be hiring ticket writers ... a public-private partnership of course ...
[local story]
Free rain gauges help ABQ residents save money
jul 9, 2013

The Albuquerque Water Authority is giving out rain gauges to measure the amount of rain that falls at your home.

If you get at least a quarter of an inch of rain in one day, that counts as one of your three weekly watering days.

e: ... and you ask, "how will knowing the amount of water that falls at my house save me money?" ... answer ... it will help you not receive a fine ... (the truth is the opposite of everything they tell you) ... it means that without a rain gauge you have no evidence to refute their figures ... it's not their fault you didn't know it rained too much to water your lawn ... they offered you a free rain gauge ... and someone will be there shortly to write that ticket for you ... and your snitch neighbor will get his $50 too.

... this is tantamount to charging you for rain.