Tuesday, July 23, 2013

pt4 norman (2 surrogate mama candidates)

e: ... ok ... don't ask me how i got so lucky ... but i now have two very good candidates to be norman's surrogate mama in the corral with him ...

... the first candidate is a yellow cow who appears to have no calf, but whose sister has a calf that looks just like the one who died earlier in the spring ... this cow may have been that calf''s mama ... and norman looks like that calf ...

... the second candidate is a cow that the rancher rehabilitated a couple years ago after she broke her hip during calving ... i can't believe it, but i just saw two calves sucking her ... so i know she is cool with it ... hahahah ... now, i just have to get her calf (a little heifer) in the corral with her ... and then we wait and see if norman can suck one of these two mamas.
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