Thursday, July 25, 2013

pt2 snitch nation (DEA tip line)

e: ... more detail about the july 17 announcement ...
Drug Agents Say Help Us, Text Us
jul 25, 2013

... text “drugs” or the Spanish “drogas” to TIP 411 or, 847-411, and then the details of what they’ve observed. The message goes through a system set up by a private company [very likely a public-private partnership] to keep the texter [snitch] anonymous.

“It allows the tipster [snitch] to communicate with the DEA agent in real time,” DEA agent Joseph Arabit said.

The program has already been running in Albuquerque for a year and in El Paso, Texas, for 2 1/2 years and has generated 360 leads, many of which have led to convictions, he said. [secretly, no media coverage]

... the DEA [feds] will notify local law enforcement.
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snitch nation (federal tip line)
jul 17, 2013

e: ... snitch nation ... self-consuming paranoia just around the corner ... for profit ...
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Feds Eye 'Tip-Line' In Fight Against NM Drug Trafficking
jul 17, 2013

Authorities are scheduled to announce a new push to encourage anonymous reporting of suspected drug trafficking around northern New Mexico.

... a new federal tip line ...

... Billboards about the tip line will go up in the area ...