Wednesday, July 17, 2013

pt7 conspiracy theorist (license plate readers 2)

e: ... total surveillance ... they are watching your every move ... time and location data is being gathered on everyone ... to be stored forever ... searchable ... and it is all a secret ... and the media is in on it ...
License plate cameras track millions of Americans
jul 17, 2013

The spread of cheap, powerful cameras capable of reading license plates has allowed police to build databases on the movements of millions of Americans [everyone] over months or even years [forever], according to an American Civil Liberties Union report released Wednesday.

... time and location data are gathered in databases that can be searched by police. [forever]

“We’d like to be able to keep the data as long as possible [forever], because it does provide a rich and enduring data set for investigations down the line,” said David J. Roberts, senior program manager for the Technology Center of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Some cameras also are mounted on poles or overpasses, much as red light cameras and speed cameras are. [traffic cams]

... collects data from departments across the state in a fusion center, which shares intelligence among federal, state and local agencies.
pt6 conspiracy theorist (KGB = DHS)

pt5 conspiracy theorist (telephone surveillance)

pt4 conspiracy theorist (license plate readers)

pt3 conspiracy theorist (your location)

pt2 conspiracy theorist (traffic cams)
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conspiracy theorist
dec 6, 2012

e: ... If you counted all the webcams at every traffic intersection state wide, how many are there and who monitors them? FBI fusion centers or somebody else? yet another public-private partnership? PPPs are straight fascism ...