Saturday, March 9, 2013

growing economy via expiration dates (ppp)

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[erikhawkes]: That’s right people. Their big idea for growing this economy is EXPIRATION DATES. An army of evaluators from enumerable Public-Private Partnerships telling you what is or is not efficient, forcing you to upgrade and/or pay a fine. You will at least have to pay for the audit. All having the ability to fine you and to call the real cops to arrest you. At the very least you won’t be selling that asset until it is government inspected and approved for sale.

(Imagine if an audit becomes mandatory, annually.)

Don’t worry about the utility companies, though. As the homeowner is forced to become more efficient, or pay fines, the utilities will get Revenue Decoupling approved – “a utility rate design mechanism that results in utility revenues not being affected by changes in customers’ average energy consumption.” You will be charged a fixed amount for a fixed period of time; regardless of your real time consumption pattern.

This is a way for them to CHARGE YOU MORE FOR LESS. They’ve got you from both ends.
[erikhawkes]: How sweeping are the changes that are coming?

“I am really worried about the 98% of the other homes that are out there.” Reuben Schwartz, the Residential Energy Programs Manager for the City and County of San Francisco.

[erikhawkes]:  98% of us.

“The report identifies four categories of actions – disclose, enforce, incentivize, and finance – to be implemented at three trigger moments: the time of sale, time of renovation, or time of energy rate tier increase.” Lori Bamberger

[erikhawkes]: What must come next? Disclosure. It is still just a secret.
How To Convince Homeowners To Pull The Trigger On Energy Upgrades
aug 13, 2012
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