Saturday, March 30, 2013

skandera pt10 (revelations 2)


1. how will it be announced that "the decisions of the secretary [designate] are final"? ...
[District Court Judge Frank Mathew]

2. that the New Mexico Connections Charter Academy (ppp) is in? ... [veto HB 460]

3. and that Hanna Skandera (Secretary-designate) don't need no Senate (confirmation)? [9-24-5]

... now we just need the AG to affirm answers 1 and 2 and for the governor to veto HB 392 and the deed will be done.

... also ... now we know what the "party of no"  meant [republican party] ...

... "to lead by veto" ... passive aggressive.
[local story]
Governor vetoes refined A-F school grading bill
mar 29, 2013

Martinez also vetoed a bill [HB 460] by Rep. Mimi Stewart to stop the state or its school districts from signing charter school management contracts with for-profit companies. [answer 2]

Stewart, D-Albuquerque, said such contracts already are illegal under New Mexico law, but that Skandera either authorized or stood silent while two of them were approved in Albuquerque and Farmington. [after session close]

Martinez made only passing reference to the bill in her lengthy veto message. She did not address Stewart's concerns that her administration was violating the law. [after session close]
[local news story]
Senate panel may hold summer hearings on Skandera, but can't vote till 2014
mar 23, 2013

[answer 3]
[ap story]
NM senator seeks AG's opinion on Skandera actions
mar 21, 2013

[answer 2]
[answer 3]
mar 20   AG request by Lopez [after session close]
mar 16   legislative session ended
mar 16   HB 392 passed senate
mar 1-16 confirmation theater
mar 1    District Court Judge Frank Mathew rules [Secretary of Education is above PEC]
             [Answer: 22-8B-7]
mar 1    confirmation theater begins [Senate Rules Committee; Sen. Linda Lopez]
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