Friday, March 29, 2013

Tony Robinson (new regional head, FEMA Region 6)

[the advocate]
New FEMA head for Region 6 sworn in
mar 28, 2013

Tony Robinson was officially sworn in Thursday as the regional head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for [FEMA Region 6 over New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas].

Welcome to Region VI

Our staff of 300+ fulltime employees located in Denton, Texas, work diligently to carry out the FEMA mission on a daily basis and is ready to support presidentially declared disasters.

... "collaborate and communicate closely with our federal, state, tribal, local, and private sector partners before, during and after disasters." ... [sounds like another public-private partnership; fascism]
e: ... a US dollar collapse would likely trigger a presidentially declared disaster, right? ... then this is the guy ... FEMA region head vs State Governor ... what is the chain of command?