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pt2 conspiracy theorist (traffic cams)

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conspiracy theorist
dec 6, 2012

If you counted all the webcams at every traffic intersection state wide, how many are there and who monitors them? FBI fusion centers or somebody else? yet another public-private partnership? PPPs are straight fascism ...

[local michigan news story]
Missing Holland woman spotted in New Mexico, missing man's family confounded
mar 11, 2013

VanDyke's Hyundai Accent was spotted by an unmanned traffic camera near Alamogordo, N.M. Because VanDyke's information is in the National Crime Information Center's database, the El Paso Intelligence Center alerted Holland Department of Public Safety investigators.

There is no criminal complaint against VanDyke, police said, but officers in and around New Mexico can stop her car to check her well-being, Dykstra said.

... the software can find you just driving down the road ... in another state ... 
[ice homepage; U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement]
TOP STORY: El Paso Intelligence Center turns raw data into actionable intelligence
jun 26, 2012

The El Paso Intelligence Center is an information focal point, collecting and analyzing interdiction reports and multi-source intelligence to identify and track trafficking activities and organizations, identify and fill intelligence gaps, and provide tactical intelligence to law enforcement officers in the field.

Garcia [Louie Garcia, the center's deputy director] calls it an "all-threat center." [including missing persons with no criminal complaint against them]

At the core of the center's activities is the Watch Operations Section, where officers work around the clock, seven days a week to support officers and special agents who are actively engaged in enforcement activities and in need of immediate tactical information. Utilizing more than 70 federal, state and local databases, the staff has a wealth of critical information at its fingertips to assist at a moment's notice.

... deputy sheriff ... requesting a full search on two subjects ... Within minutes, the center's search revealed there was ...

... local law enforcement has been federalized ...
[us marshalls service press release]
mar 11, 2013

The Marshals Service, South West Investigative Fugitive Team (SWIFT) task force, put a locate out on Allen along Highway 64.  Allen was stopped and arrested by the Bloomfield Police Department.

District of New Mexico, United States Marshal, Conrad Candelaria, said “The Marshals Service for the District of New Mexico remains committed to the safety of our many communities and by working with our local, county, tribal and state law enforcement agencies every investigative lead will be exhausted.  The goal is locating and apprehending sex offenders, a collaborative effort which has been embraced by law enforcement because many of these fugitives remain elusive and go through great lengths to avoid detection and apprehension; through effective partnership our successes once again has resulted in two dangerous fugitives behind bars so that both will no longer be a threat to our children, families and communities”.

... again, local law enforcement has been federalized ...
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