Saturday, March 2, 2013

smoke in peace (pope)

... every day [Benedict] is walking the streets the religion is at peril, right? ... what would happen to Catholicism if the former pope got busted doing ... [anything]?

... like smoking ... how much is that photo worth?
[sky news story]
The former pontiff eases into retirement with a night in front of the box and a quiet walk around his palace at Castel Gandolfo.
mar 1, 2013

There were reports in the Italian media that his new home meant that he would be at last able to smoke in peace.

There have long been rumours that Benedict enjoyed a crafty cigarette, but officials have always refused to confirm this.
... maybe i am thinking about this the wrong way ... there is an incredible marketing opportunity here ... now we got an antipope to market too! ... how much for an endorsement? ... "the brand the antipope smokes" ... hahahhaha ... that's gotta be worth $ trillions ...

... nope ... confidence high ... former pope benedict xvi will die soon.
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(updated) prediction: Pope Benedict XVI will die soon