Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sen. Tim Keller 2013 (ppp)

public-private partnerships are no longer just conspiracy talk ... they are being discussed right now during the  new mexico 2013 legislative session ... and nobody told you ... (media is in on it.)
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media is in on it
jan 7, 2013

jon barela and susana martinez are pushing public-private partnerships under the new century economy agenda. that is fascism.
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New Mexico State of State 2013 address (ppp)
jan 16, 2013

no mention of ppps again this year in the state of the state address ... (unless you knew what to listen for) ... even though the new century jobs agenda is nothing but demands for public-private partnerships.
[local editorial by state senator]
Let’s take big, bold steps for our state
Mar 7, 2013

With little precious legislative time remaining, this choice comes into sharp contrast as legislators grapple with two agendas.

One agenda is very familiar: decreasing corporate taxes, increasing criminal penalties, holding back third-graders, reducing government spending and a “wait and see” approach to our state’s water crisis. This agenda lacks vision and is unlikely to move the needle on major issues, and may even take us backwards.

The other agenda champions new ideas, creating an innovation-based economy focusing on energy and technology, funding large-scale infrastructure projects, using treatment to curb addiction and reduce incarceration, fixing state agencies, establishing public private partnerships, developing a water strategy and revamping our tax code. These ideas are brimming with vision and would improve standards of living for everyday New Mexicans and our businesses.

Let’s take big steps, and finally pursue the agenda that will have a profound impact on New Mexico, now.

Sen. Tim Keller is Senate majority whip.
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