Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Mexico PPPs (fascism is here)

How Public-Private Partnerships Really Work
original post jul 27 2012
[Bloomberg Businessweek]
The Case for Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development
jun 22, 2012

"At every sustainable-development conference, debate, or keynote presentation, public-private partnerships (PPP) are touted as a panacea for the enormous challenges the world is facing." [author; Gib Bulloch]
-------------------------------------- is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact. Here is the meaning of PPP:
1. Public-Private Partnerships – when private industry provides public services for profit. The original taxes for the services remain in place, but a duplicative “service for FEE” structure is added. It is FASCISM, and it should NOT be considered as a solution to the State’s budget woes.It promotes monopolies and destroys small business. If the stakeholder is not a shareholder, he has no voice.
2 Redflex has a public-private partnership with Albuquerque and Las Cruces. [fascism]
3. The private company Redflex issues a photo ticket and the state provides the muscle to collect. [fascism]
4."LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- Las Cruces residents who have unpaid traffic citations from red light cameras risk having their city-owned water, sewage, and gas shut off, according to City of Las Cruces officials." [fascism]
[local news story]
Hooking up
feb 28, 2013

[ppp] [Ruidoso's Capital Improvements Advisory Committee]

Members of Ruidoso's Capital Improvements Advisory Committee [Committee Chairman John Cornelius] were directed Tuesday to firm up a plan to cover mandatory sewer line connections, including drafting new timeline rules, notification letters, a tracking process, enforcement steps and follow-up procedures.

[state] [New Mexico Environment Department]

[ppp] [Ruidoso's Capital Improvements Advisory Committee]
"We would like to get the village back on track for hooking up to sewer," Cornelius said. If the village and residents fail to follow through on connections when lines are available, Cornelius warned that staff with the New Mexico Environment Department will step in and enforce a stricter state rule that requires connection within 30-days of when a line is installed.

impact fees $2,000
connection fee $[x],000
price of a plumber $[x],000
filling in or removing the old septic or aerobic system $[x],000

[fascism] When the sewer gets there, we will send a registered letter saying they have 30 days to sign up for the impact fee and hook-up fee part, and an additional 60 days to hook-up. [ppp; Cornelius]

[fascism] As clusters of homes are hooked up and the impact fee fund grows, that money then could be used to install more sewer lines. [ppp; Cornelius]

"I think it's great that you agreed to handle this," Mayor Ray Alborn told Cornelius.

[fascism] "The federal and state governments told us in 2003 to 'Go do this.' All of those facts are important for the public to know." [Village Attorney Dan Bryant]
... i can see it now're sitting at home ... you hear some noise on the roof ... then you get a bill in the mail for some solar panels ... you were mandated to purchase. [fascism]

... you're sitting at home ... you hear some noise in the backyard ... then you get a bill in the mail for product [x] ... you were mandated to purchase from company [y] ... who got a product liability waiver from state [z] ... etc ... [fascism]

mandatory means slavery.