Thursday, June 27, 2013

$3000 (per child) 5 day camp

e: ... $3000 (per child) 5 day camp ... 24 children ... probably related to the new century jobs agenda pushed by EDD Secretary Jon Barela and Governor Susana Martinez during 2013 NM Legislative Session ... even though Martinez did not mention even once the phrase "public-private partnership" during her 2013 State of the State address.
[local story]
Magdalena youth get to fly high at Kirtland AF
jun 27, 2013

Jessica Sullivan ... was one of 24 youth ... who participated in a weeklong camp [5 days; jun 17-21] at Kirtland Air Force Base last week.

“The experience and education they receive is worth about $3,000 per student.” [Jim Sauer, one of the organizers of this year’s camp]

“Our goal is to keep expanding this program, as funding allows.”[Jim Sauer]

The Magdalena School District donated the transportation for this year’s camp; a value of about $2,000 – approximately half of the total cost of the camp. [complete lie]
e: ... the total cost of the camp for all 24 children was not $4,000, it was $72,000 ...
... and the transportation cost was not $2000 per child, it was $2000 for 24 children ... one bus, two trips ...

... keep it straight ... the media does not know how to tell the truth ...
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