Friday, June 14, 2013

pt1 could Magdalena face Mandatory Evacuation?

e: ... could Magdalena face a Mandatory Evacuation? ... under what conditions? ... the name "FEMA" has already been mentioned ... the word "troops" has also been mentioned ...

... it will take months to do the never completed annual audits before any grant money can be requested ... months before any drilling can be done ... months ...
[local story]
County hears about Magdalena well situation
jun 14, 2013

[Socorro] County fire marshal and emergency services coordinator Fred Hollis ...

...secretary of the state Environment Department [Ryan Flynn] made an emergency declaration [of life threatening conditions] ...

Hollis noted the process has been difficult since Magdalena’s emergency responders have not come down for training to become familiar with ICS, or the incident command system.

ICS, as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency website [FEMA], is a standardized, on-scene management structure that allows for several agencies to work together with a common organizational structure.
[ap story]
NM issues declaration to help Magdalena with water
jun 8, 2013

New Mexico Environment Secretary Ryan Flynn ...

Late Friday [jun 7], Flynn issued a declaration of life threatening conditions ...

The state Emergency Operations Center and the National Guard were monitoring the situation. Troops were ready to haul more water to the village if needed, Flynn said.
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