Wednesday, June 26, 2013

pt4 red-light fines (court: no due process)

e: ... red-light fines are ILLEGAL ... red-light fines VIOLATE DUE PROCESS  ... local media is SILENT ...

... how about following up on those 81,000 albuquerqians who were reported [to credit bureaus] for the[ir] unpaid citations. [the ILLEGAL citations]

... all of the other public-private partnerships are illegal too ...
New Mexico Judge Finds Speed Cameras Violate Due Process
jun 26, 2013

A New Mexico district court judge last month found the hearings offered to recipients of red light camera and speed camera tickets in the city of Las Cruces violated due process. Dona Ana County Presiding Judge Manuel I. Arrieta issued a 31-page ruling after having the issue under his consideration for nearly two-and-a-half years.

"The problem is that the videos and the photographs alone do not implicate appellant in any violation; at most they demonstrate that it is appellant's vehicle in the picture due to the license plate information," Judge Arrieta ruled.
[ap story]
Unpaid camera tickets reported to credit bureaus
apr 13, 2013

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Tens of thousands of Albuquerque drivers have been reported to credit bureaus for failing to pay their red-light camera tickets.

A company [Credit Watch] working for the private vendor [Redflex] that ran the city's [red-light] camera [ticket] program has reported 81,000 people [to credit bureaus] for the[ir] unpaid citations.
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