Friday, June 21, 2013

RED democrats 2016

e: ... red democrats and blue republicans as predicted ... nobody even flinched ... there must be lithium in the water ...
Democratic Party of New Mexico
jun 21, 2013

#nmdems equality shirts - $20 contribution to the party will get you one. The orders are piling up, visit us at the Santa Fe County Democratic Party booth tomorrow to get yours! We will be there all day. "No freedom til we're equal."

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BLUE republicans 2016 (prediction)
jun 2, 2013

e: ... prediction: ... republicans will switch from current party color of red (since 2000) back to historical party color of blue for 2016 us presidential race ...

... what will be the event that allows that to occur?
mitt romney (republican) at cpac 2013 ... nothing but blue.

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