Thursday, June 6, 2013

pt4 Augustin Plains Ranch (Magdalena dry)

e: ... now, where is that "denied" APR application? ... i know it's on the shelf somewhere ...
[ap story]
Magdalena village well out of water
jun 6, 2013

The village of Magdalena is scrambling now that its sole drinking water well has gone dry.

Cearley [village Marshal Larry Cearley] said Wednesday that Magdalena has applied to the State Engineer’s Office for the last four years to get a second well drilled and has been denied each time.
[local story]
A Man, a Plan, 37 Water Wells: the San Augustin Desert
sept 20, 2011

It’s been four years since someone happened to spot a legal notice in the paper: an application from the Augustin Plains Ranch, LLC to the State Engineer for permission to drill 37 rather hefty water wells out in the San Augustin Plains. The plan was to extract 54,000 acre-feet of ground water per year.
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