Tuesday, February 19, 2013

challenging the may maxim (pnm rec prices)

PNM REC prices fall (as forecast)

"Yes, you called it!" ... [friend]

"so then where is my payout? where is the recognition?" ... [erikhawkes]

"It the "May Maxim" my dear (named for fabulous environmentalist Don May). You can do the work, or you can take the credit. But don't be thinking you can have both" ... [friend]

"hahaahah ... that's pretty funny" ... [erikhawkes]
(2 weeks later)
"i am challenging the may maxim ... search "pnm rec prices" in google and read the first page results ... it'll come." ... [erikhawkes]
Maxim (philosophy)

"A maxim is a ground rule or subjective principle of action; in that sense, a maxim is a thought that can motivate individuals."

“Maxim - Generally any simple and memorable rule or guide for living, for example 'neither a borrower nor a lender be'. Tennyson speaks of 'a little hoard of maxims preaching down a daughter's heart (Locksley Hall), and maxims have generally been associated with a 'folksy' or 'copy-book' approach to morality. -Oxford dictionary of Philosophy[1]"