Wednesday, February 27, 2013

metaphor pt2 (rock and roll, parade)

... the cocaine and heroin metaphors are everywhere ... the glossary is in part one linked here:

metaphor: rock and roll (cocaine and heroin)
parade (albuquerque journal insert)
[title] Sweet and frothy? Don't believe it. Sandra Bullock Knows What She Wants
sunday nov 1, 2009

blue (teddy) top, woman (sandra bullock) under
heroin over coke
blue (teddy) top, pink (chair) under
heroin over coke
white (nails) top, black (nails) under
coke over heroin
male (right hand) top, female (left hand) under
heroin over coke
dead black eyes, pink pigs (piggy bank) fly
heroin, coke

... she just told you ... sandra bullock knows what she wants ... she wants black eyes ... she wants a shot of heroin ... and the caption in the lower left hand corner of the front page is a HOLE (see below) ... arrrgggghhhh!!!
circle caption reads: Plus: How the Economy Has Changed Us. Surprising results of a new PARADE poll.

changed = HEROIN
poll = SYRINGE
(just realized) parade = SHOOT (walk)
... they are outright brainwashing you into doing heroin. ... where are the UNM psychology, English, and marketing professors on this one?!
... "the meaning of the name Sandra is: A feminine form of Alexander meaning defender of man" ... [heroin]

... ah, that's why  she is an advocate ...
[] (added feb 1, 2013)
Don't let her fool you—Sandra Bullock is One Tough Cookie
nov 1, 2009

“I like to iron [shoot up],” she [Sandra Bullock] confesses.
so coca-cola is the white stripe in a red river ... cocaine in vein ... and pepsi is ... pep, si ... for same meaning ...

or could be ... 666, si ...  (devil), yes ... with a white stripe going down in the hole of red and blue ... for heroin in vein ...

it's everywhere!