Monday, February 18, 2013

New Century Jobs Agenda (demand 4 of 7)

jon barela and susana martinez are pushing public-private partnerships under the new century jobs agenda during this legislative session ... (now half over) ... ppps are all fascism ... the agenda is based on 20 recommendations ... by reorganizing the 20 recommendations, seven demands are revealed ... demand 4 of 7 is for the state legislature to get the military involved.

demand 4 of 7
(get the military involved)
REC 7 (ppp): Enhance policies and incentives for national laboratories
REC 10 (ppp): Develop aerospace supply chain
REC 11 (ppp): Support industry associations
[AP] (added mar 6, 2013)
Governor urges lawmakers to pass bill exempting liability for space parts firms
mar 5, 2013

ALBUQUERQUE — Negotiations to lock space tourism company Virgin Galactic into a long-term lease at the spaceport New Mexico taxpayers built for it are on hold while a proposal to broaden liability exemptions for space companies lingers in the Legislature, Gov. Susana Martinez said Tuesday.

[Virgin Galactic President and CEO George Whitesides] hinted last year that the company could leave New Mexico if lawmakers failed for a second year to pass a bill that would extend legal liability exemptions to space parts suppliers. He and the governor have both said the legislation, which would protect companies from lawsuits by passengers on spaceflights, is necessary for New Mexico to compete with states like Texas, Florida and Colorado, which already have the exemption on the books and are developing their own spaceports.
[local news story]
NM to lose jobs in face of fiscal cliff
December 28, 2012
"There's ways you can look at new ways of partnering, new ways of doing business," said Casey DeRaad of the Phillips Technological Institute, a networking agency for public-private partnerships in the defense  industry."
[local news story] (added feb 18, 2013)
Spaceport 'informed consent' bill passes House unanimously
Feb 7, 2013

"Virgin Galactic, the anchor tenant at Spaceport America in southern New Mexico, said passing the bill was critical to allow the spaceport to function. The proposal, supporters say, could also attract more spaceport-related companies by reducing their liability burdens."
[local news story] (added feb 18, 2013)
It’s unanimous: Spaceport informed consent bill sails through Senate
Jan 30, 2013
[news story] (added feb 21, 2013)
Cool Earth Solar's big deal with Sandia
Updated 8:41 pm, Wednesday, February 20, 2013

... "[Cool Earth] announced a partnership with Sandia National Laboratories to test Cool Earth's technology over the next five years at Sandia's Livermore campus."
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