Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Century Jobs Agenda (demand 6 of 7)

jon barela and susana martinez are pushing public-private partnerships (ppp) under the new century jobs agenda during this 2013 legislative session ... ppps are all fascism ... the agenda is based on 20 recommendations ... by reorganizing the 20 recommendations, seven demands are revealed ... demand number 6 of 7 is for the state legislature to get everybody wired ... by implementing a statewide connectivity plan ... building out a digital infrastructure ... utilizing a public-private partnership.
Demand 6 of  7
(get everybody wired)
REC 15 (ppp): Implement a statewide connectivity plan
REC 17 (ppp): Conduct digital media pilot programs for students
... the story below is the set-up prior to a proposal for another ppp ... we already know the name of the first ppp school ... New Mexico Connections Academy ... (see below) ...
[AP news story]
NM faces huge digital divide despite investments
(feb 24, 2013)

Such broad distances and low population densities make digital infrastructure expensive to install and prevents many commercial providers from laying fiber optics or other broadband technology without government assistance.
[AP news story]
Skandera OKs online school despite opposition
(feb 3, 2013)

New Mexico education chief Hanna Skandera, overruling the state Public Education Commission this week, will allow a new all-online charter school to open in the fall.

The Albuquerque Journal reported that the school will be called New Mexico Connections Academy and will contract with the online, for-profit curriculum company Connections Academy. The school aims to serve students in grades K-12 from around the state.
New Century Jobs Agenda (demand 1 of 7)
(replace education with training)

New Century Jobs Agenda (demand 2 of 7)
(make it legal and profitable)

Demand 3 of  7
(give us money)

New Century Jobs Agenda (demand 4 of 7)
(get the military involved)

Demand 5 of  7
(Lisa Adkins - Director bioscience center)
the bioscience center, a priori

New Century Jobs Agenda (demand 6 of 7)
(get everybody wired)

Demand 7 of  7
(Stuart Rose - Technology transfer position)

7 demands revealed (New Century Jobs Agenda)