Thursday, February 14, 2013

clawback (ppp;american fascism)

(july 10, 2012)

1. Money or benefits that are distributed and then taken back as a result of special circumstances.

This is the State demanding a do-over. I first heard the term Clawback in late 2008. It is a new term. It is generally referenced when a public-private partnership collapses and the State wants their money back.[erikhawkes]

This is also theft. Once money or benefits are distributed to another individual or entity, the giver cannot confiscate those assets unless ordered to do so by a court of law. This is the new era of American Fascism. The State as a predator with Claws. [erikhawkes]
[local news story] (added feb 26, 2013)
“Clawback” bill passes the House, moves on to Senate
(feb 25, 2013)

A bill that would put some teeth in taxpayer-funded business projects breezed through the House of Representatives on Monday (Feb. 25) in a 68-0 vote.

House Bill 352, which would attach “clawback” provisions to companies that receive taxpayer money so that if the companies fail to make good on their promises, municipalities and the state can recoup some of the losses.
[local news story] (added feb 14, 2013)
Lawmaker wants to sharpen ‘claw-back’ provisions

"Harper’s bill — House Bill 352 — tries to establish a framework for drafting claw-backs."

"HB352 will be heard in the House Business and Industry Committee on Thursday [feb 14, 2013] and has received support from Rio Rancho Mayor Tom Swisstack."
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Pete Domenici (the collapse)

"It's like losing a war to Hitler. And they say in advance: what would it be if you lost a war to Hitler? Well I don't know. We didn't.  We never lost one. But you want to try? To most of them they say: No. But looks like they want to try on this one."
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