Wednesday, February 20, 2013

grooving in the dark (a little help from your brother)

grooving in the dark, at the computer, fire in its place ... wind outside.

[my brother] sent me some more cds ... included in the package were two dylan cds from the bootleg series 8 ... these will blow your mind ... (they are all awesome).

Bob Dylan
Bootleg Series 8 part A:

1. Mississippi
2. Most of the time...*
3. Dignity
4. Someday baby
5. Red river shore....*
6. Tell ol' Bill
7. Born in time
8. Can't wait
9. Everything is broken...*
10. Dreaming' of you
11. Huck's tune
12. Marchin' to the city....*
13. High water

Bootleg Series 8 part B:

1. Mississippi
2. 32-20 blues
3. Series of dreams....*
4. God knows
5. Can't escape from you
6. Dignity
7. Ring them bells...*
8. Cocaine blues
9. Ain't talkin'
10. The girl on greenbriar shore..*
11. Lonesome day blues
12. Miss the Mississippi...*
13. 'Cross the green mountain...*

... when you are on dial up, there is no youtube option ... so you either have the audio file or you have the cd ... and it turns out that both of my media players have crashed on this computer ... so i am down to a boom box with a cd player ... yep ... and some awesome dylan cds ... yeah baby.

thanks [brother].
a few weeks back, i was without my computer for 5 or 6 days ... i was forced down to the boom box then too ... and i didn't have dylan ... all my cds were with the computer, being uploaded ... (no disc drive) ... so i listened to [the rancher's] classic country collection from time life music ... about 30 cds or something ...

later ... while i was on the phone with my grandparents ... (wishing grandma a happy 90th) ... i mentioned the old-timer music ... mentioned tumbling tumbleweeds by sons of the pioneers ... and my grandfather says ... "i've got that on record" ... hahahah ... nice.