Wednesday, January 2, 2013

bacon calls cats too

i got into buying the bigger packages of bacon ends and pieces ... some of the pieces are nothing but fat and i give those pieces to the cats ... well, now, all i have to do is say "bacon" ... like the dog in those beggin strips commercials ... and the cats are up in the kitchen window anxious with anticipation ... watching my every move ... noses in the air, licking their lips, and stretching ... even mama cat was up there this morning ...

later at dusk, mama cat was sitting on a chair on the front porch watching the four kittens play tag in the front yard ... i looked out the front door window ... and she saw me there in the dark ... but i stayed still and she just turned back towards the kids playing.

last night it got down to -3F ... papa cat seems to be doing fine out there in the small barn in the corral ... i put food out for him everyday ... and i see him run when the front screen door slams shut.

a couple of days ago i saw a very cute thing happen ... papa cat's bowl is now on the far side of this big tree to protect it and him from the wind ... well, i saw the black kitten on the near side of the tree trying to peak around the tree at papa cat while he was eating ... hahahha ... you know, papa cat is still a stranger to all the kittens and this black one is curious about the older guy.

(i tried putting some bacon out for papa cat the other day too ... you know, mama cat chased him off and ate his bacon ... that wasn't cool... she ate papa cat's bacon.)