Monday, January 14, 2013

one over ninety nine (and the ceiling between)

what is that? ... because it ain't a democracy ... and it ain't a republic neither ...

you have the masses down there ... 99 ... then above, a horizontal level (/), or ceiling, comprised of the universities and education system ... the media ... the politicians ... the clergy (?) ... and who knows what (business) ... telling the masses whatever they want to tell them .... then above that ... what, the rich and powerful? ... 1? ... 1/99 ... something like that? ... or 1/999 or 1/9999 ...

who's on top, creating and driving the agenda?

"Frank, president of the University of New Mexico, sees the university's business startup program as a catalyst of economic growth."

"We have been averaging eight business startups a year, but our goal is to increase it by four and then double it to 16 a year. We see this as an economic driver and will partner with the city and state and venture capitalists to get there," Frank said.

[local news story] Frank, Barela push for more diverse NM economy

... so now, because the president of unm (Robert Frank) supports the ppps and jon barela's new century jobs agenda ... every political science professor at unm also loves ppps? ... none of them will say otherwise ... nobody is speaking out against ppps ... nobody from the universities and education system ... nobody from the media ... no politicians ... none of the clergy (?) ... no business person.
ppps are straight fascism ... somebody say something.

“Public-Private Partnerships – when private industry provides public services for profit.
The original taxes for the services remain in place, but a duplicative “service for FEE”
structure is added. It is FASCISM, and it should NOT be considered as a solution to the
State’s budget woes. It promotes monopolies and destroys small business. If the stakeholder
is not a shareholder, he has no voice.”

7 demands revealed (New Century Jobs Agenda)