Tuesday, January 22, 2013

never submit to a liar (trust yourself)

so the three of us were standing there talking ... the landlord, the tenant, and me ... and the landlord tells the tenant that he and i will go back to the house and turn the electric heater on (for thawing the pipes under the house) before we leave for the day ... and i know that the heater is already on, but the landlord is winking at me, and the tenant is worried about the electric bill, so i keep quiet ...

later in the evening the landlord calls me and says ... why didn't you remind me to go back and turn the heater on? ... and i say, because it was on the whole time and is still on ... i just didn't say anything in front of the tenant because you were winking at me ... and he says, oh, no, no ... i turned that off when you were down in the hole ... which ended the conversation because i had no way to verify or refute that claim ...

the next day, i arrived at the job site first ... and just as i thought, the heater is where it was supposed to be, still running.
when i first met the landlord, his wife said something strange to me, and a room full of people, which caught my attention ... she said, "[me] is trying to figure out which one of us he can trust" ...

and now after watching them all closely for some time ... my answer is "none of them," final answer.
a liar tries to get you to ignore what your eyes and ears tell you and to submit and believe whatever they say, whenever they change it ... it's a bully tactic ... politicians and the news media do it too.
i met a person a few months back who claimed to be a writer ... he told me that his new philosophy was to believe that whatever he said was true, was true ... and then he would feed you an endless line of lies until you either totally rejected him, risking a physical fight ... or totally submitted ... and gave into darkness and slavery and guilt and death and decay ... while he told you about his latest short story of vampires and human feces and endless crap ... just endless ...

i told him that he was the opposite of me and that i was feeling physically ill just listening to him.

i then excused myself from the party and left.
never submit to a liar.

trust yourself.