Saturday, January 12, 2013

bioscience center (and 33 other SBDCs)

Yep. The BioScience Center is an SBDC.
What is an SBDC (small business development center)?

Approximately 900 Small Business Development Center sites are funded through a combination of state and SBA [federal] support in the form of matching grants. Typically, SBDCs are co-located at community colleges, state universities, and/or other entrepreneurial hubs.

An SBDC is a company that gets "matching grants" from the state ... they are a state-supported institution ... they are a public-private partnership ... it is fascism ... the state supports the incubator, which then picks other "winner" businesses to support, which then receive preferential treatment from the state (financing, taxation, marketing, etc..) ... “Put New Mexico First” opportunities ... and it goes on and on and on ...

it is the end of a level playing field ... either you are state-supported or you are not.

five (from 7 demands revealed)
(Lisa Adkins - Director bioscience center)
REC 8 (ppp): Create a business culture of innovation and growth
REC 12 (ppp): Establish a Bioscience Center SBDC (open house jan 10, 2013)
REC 18 (ppp): Establish a collaborative culture
Strategy : Promote “Put New Mexico First” opportunities in organizations that are state-supported, as well as in laws and policies.

Browsing 34 Private Market Investors (SBDCs) in New Mexico, United States  

Albuquerque SBDC at CNM      Business Incubator / SBDC
Arrowhead Center       Business Incubator / SBDC
Central NM Community College South Valley SBDC   Business Incubator / SBDC
Clovis Community College SBDC    Business Incubator / SBDC
Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce   Business Incubator / SBDC
Cottonwood Technology Group     Venture Capital
Eastern New Mexico University SBDC Roswell    Business Incubator / SBDC
Flywheel Ventures     Venture Capital
Gathering of Angels       Angel Investor Group
Hurst Capital, LLLP       Private Equity
Jerome Capital LLC      Venture Capital
Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation  Business Incubator / SBDC
Luna Community College SBDC     Business Incubator / SBDC
Mesa Capital Partners      Private Equity
Mesalands Community College SBDC     Business Incubator / SBDC
New Mexico Angels, Inc.     Angel Investor Group
New Mexico Community Capital    Venture Capital
New Mexico Junior College SBDC    Business Incubator / SBDC
New Mexico Private Investors    Angel Investor Group
New Mexico SBDC       Business Incubator / SBDC
San Juan College Enterprise Center     Business Incubator / SBDC
Santa Fe Business Incubator    Business Incubator / SBDC
SJC Enterprise Center     Business Incubator / SBDC
South Valley Economic Development Center  Business Incubator / SBDC
Sun Mountain Capital LLC    Venture Capital
The Bioscience Center       Business Incubator / SBDC
University of New Mexico - Gallup SBDC    Business Incubator / SBDC
University of New Mexico - LA - Sandoval County SBDC Business Incubator / SBDC
University of New Mexico - Taos SBDC    Business Incubator / SBDC
University of New Mexico-Los Alamos SBDC  Business Incubator / SBDC
University of New Mexico-Valencia SBDC    Business Incubator / SBDC
Verge         Venture Capital
Vestor Partners, LP       Private Equity
WESST Enterprise Center      Business Incubator / SBDC

Jan 10 2013 Open House The BioScience Center

"The first innovation center of its kind in New Mexico"

"Resident companies, investors, legislative representatives and VIPs will all be
represented. "

... and yet, where's the media? ... where's the media coverage? ... still no story about the bioscience center already being open ... there are at least 34 PPPs in New Mexico ... and still no media coverage ... fascism is propagating like weeds ... and the media is in on it.

Pete Domenici
March 19, 2011

"It's like losing a war to Hitler. And they say in advance: what would it be if you lost a war to Hitler? Well I don't know. We didn't.  We never lost one. But you want to try? To most of them they say: No. But looks like they want to try on this one." (Pete Domenici)