Wednesday, January 9, 2013

cow calling (this blows my cover)

all the cows, but one, are currently yelling at me ... [the rancher] wants to try and nurse back to health a red and white faced cow that has a lame back leg ... so just as the herd was headed out to pasture for the evening i decided to try and coax the poor heifer into the corral ...

there i was, calling to the cow ... com'on mama ... come here ... you can do it mama ... com'on ... com'on mama ... there you go ... com'on ... and when i thought she might turn back, i would rub the space between her shoulders (where cows are always trying to lick) ...

... and sure enough ... one hobbled step at a time we made it past the other cows to the drinking tank and then into the corral ... where i gave her alfalfa hay ... and now none of the other cows are going anywhere ... they want their hay too!

i was surprised ... it worked!

the bull just gave me a guilt-trip look ... he didn't say anything.