Sunday, January 20, 2013

distance for help (flat tire)

in a lot of ways, living in the country is the exact opposite of city living ... in the city you just call somebody whenever you have a problem ... in the country you often do the repairs yourself ...

remember this ... in the country:
(great) distance for help
(sometimes no) phone service
(you need) tools

i got a flat tire yesterday ... it was saturday evening and the tire shop was closed ... that didn't even enter [the rancher's] mind ... he showed me how to patch a flat tire ... he did it, i watched, i think i could do it next time ...

first ... you want to mark the location of the valve stem and weights with chalk or a crayon ... so that the tire goes on the way it came off, and then you don't have to rebalance it ...

next, use soapy water to find the puncture hole ... pull the tire from the rim (you do need the right tools) ... remove the nail/debris ... use drill with wire brush to clean inside of tire ... put glue down over and around the hole ... blow on it a little ... peel seal from patch and place on glue over hole ... smooth with tool ... reassemble everything ... done.

... fortunately i was at [the rancher's] residence when i got the flat ... no distance this time ... anywhere else, and it gets more complicated.